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The Crown Monochrome Group's primary objective is to involve its membership in the promotion of Monochrome Photography:

The Group will endeavour to keep to the goals that were set out when it was first formed in 1997. Namely that its members:

should meet, monthly, in a relaxed atmosphere allowing its members to participate and contribute in any way they feel is appropriate.

should be encouraged to show work, either Digital or Darkroom, which can be anything individual members feel is within the spirit of monochrome and therefore not tied to any external rules, definitions, regulations or traditions.

should be encouraged to share their knowledge, to be encouraging in their critique and offer advice when asked.

Management of the Group shall reside in a Chairman, a Treasurer, a Secretary and a Webmaster each of whom shall be voted into office for the following calendar year by a simple majority of members at each December Member's Meeting. A failure to fill one or more of these positions shall not impede the continuation of the Group's objectives and activities.

The Group shall hold Public Liability Insurance in the amount of £2 million to cover its activities generally and its monthly meetings at the published venue.

The Group shall maintain a website.

Members will pay an annual subscription, set each December by the Treasurer and payable in the following month of January, covering the cost of the Public Liability Insurance, the website and the anticipated running costs of the Group. Additional payments will be demanded, from time to time, to cover the cost of hiring speakers or photographic models.

In the event that a two-thirds majority of the then current members accept that the Group is no longer financially viable or for any other reason accept a resolution that the Group should be wound up, then any surplus assets will be liquidated and the proceeds paid to a charity of the Group's choice. Reimbursement of any outstanding deficit will be demanded from then current members and calculated so that each member pays the same amount.

(accepted unanimously by members on the 15 January 2018)


Beach Children by Tony Cooper ARPS, AWPF